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Dale Oberlander

Early Childhood Center Director

Dale Oberlander.png

Dale Seiffer Oberlander is Director of the Early Childhood Center at Community Synagogue of Rye. She oversees a community of over 130 children and a staff of 25 teachers, maintaining smooth daily operation of the school with a clear voice and mission that is forefront of early childhood education. 


In her 10 years as Director of the ECC, Dale has transformed the school, incorporating innovative equipment and sensory rich materials that encourage exploration of physical concepts, inspire creative problem solving and build collaboration among the children.  Among her achievements are the installations of a new nature inspired outdoor playground featuring a vegetable garden and butterfly garden and an indoor play space that supports early STEM concepts  though children’s interaction with ramps, conveyor belts, wind tunnels, and various construction pieces. 


Dale strongly believes that children must be offered a balanced school experience that includes digging in the dirt, learning how to draw pictures and cultivating a social awareness that promotes love, respect, appreciation and tolerance of others. These foundations are what build a true sense of confidence in a young child and their ability to be resourceful, creative and diligent learners.


Dale is an avid potter. When she is not elbow deep in clay she can also be seen on a hiking trail, spin bike or yoga mat. She has two grown sons who are both ECC alumnae.  William who is now living in Denver and Bert who lives in Brooklyn. Dale lives in Rye, NY with her French bulldog Mayo. She can be reached by email by clicking the button below or by calling her at 914-967-6262 extension 250. 

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