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CSR Supports Israel

Please continue to check this page regularly for updated information and resources.


Dear CSR Family,

On Saturday morning, October 7, 2023, while getting ready for joyful Shabbat and Simchat Torah services at CSR, mindful of the solemn commemoration of 50 years since the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War (October 6, 1973), we learned of massive surprise attacks on sovereign Israeli soil, indiscriminately killing and kidnapping soldiers and civilians, wounding hundreds more, and capturing Israeli territory. We condemn in the strongest terms possible these heinous, coordinated acts of terror carried out by Hamas, with the support of its allies and sponsors in Iran and beyond.


We stand with Israel in this war of self defense, and will continue to do all we can to lend support, strength, allyship, and the collective prayers of our congregation and the Westchester Jewish community.

Rabbi Daniel Gropper


Love Support

In this time of great need, CSR has decided to focus its giving efforts on a single project to help Israelis through this moment of crisis. We have chosen Love Support and ask that you join with us by clicking on this dedicated CSR link.  Any donation amount will be appreciated.

"Love Support" aims to provide immediate relief for the surviving families of the October 7 attack in Israel.  They will give each household of the affected communities $1,500 per month for the next three months. This initiative is temporary, with no long-term aspirations. "Love Support" is entirely voluntary and incurs zero overhead costs. Its sole objective is to offer direct, immediate financial support to each surviving family, allowing them to use the funds at their discretion.



There are many worthwhile organizations that you may consider donating to in support of Israel and choosing one can feel overwhelming.  To help you navigate these options, CSR has identified 8 organizations that are addressing specific needs in Israel right now, including in the South.  You will also find a more extensive alphabetical list below.

American Friends of Soroka Medical Center

American Friends of Soroka Medical Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Soroka Medical Center, Israel’s only major hospital in Southern Israel.

CJL Israel Emergency Fund
Fundraiser for groups providing emergency services in Israel: the Israeli Children’s Fund, Food for Our Sisters and Brothers, and Kibbutz K’far Aza.

Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces
Gifts to the FIDF go toward temporary field hospitals, intensive care ambulances, hygiene kits, as well as other urgent needs identified by the IDF.

Magen David Adom

Magen David Adom operates Israeli’s ambulance and Medivac units, runs its emergency dispatch system dispatch system, trains its paramedics, and serves as the sole blood supplier for the Israeli Defense Forces.  Michael Bloomberg has pledged to match all contributions.


NATAL is the Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center.  It is an apolitical organization providing multidisciplinary treatment and support to direct and indirect victims of trauma due to terror and war in Israel. 

United Hatzalah

Israel’s largest independent, non-profit, fully volunteer emergency medical service organization that provides the fastest emergency medical service throughout Israel, free of charge.  Currently conducting an emergency campaign for emergency equipment.  You can make a monetary donation or donate specific medical equipment.

UJA NY Emergency Fund For Israel

UJA NY’s Emergency Fund is mobilizing urgently needed relief for the people of Israel, including emergency cash assistance for victims of terror trauma counseling, care for children in shelters, burial expenses, and funds to relocate people to safer areas.

World Union for Progressive Judaism

WUPJ Israel Emergency Appeal, is raising funds that will be distributed in collaboration with the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, our Israeli partners, and other organizations.

More Places to Donate

Support Israeli Artists

Despite these difficult times many Israeli artists are trying to conduct business because they have to make a living. Stores in Jerusalem are closed but they continue to fulfill online orders. Any support would be greatly appreciated!


Birthdays come every year or perhaps you have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or wedding is on the horizon. There is always a place for Israeli art in our homes and synagogues. 


We encourage you to make purchases, using the artists' websites. Here is the growing list of artists who have asked us to spread the word. MANY ARE WORKING!! THEY NEED US!!!



The ADL is asking people to sign a petition urging the Senate to immediately confirm a U.S. Ambassador to Israel.  View the petition.


The American Jewish Committee is asking people to contact their elected leaders and ask that those leaders stand with Israel against Hamas.  Read more


Take 45 seconds to urge America’s leaders to continue speaking out in support of our ally


AIPAC is urging you to text “Israel” to 24722 to contact members of Congress and the administration and encourage them to provide Israel with the security, diplomatic and material support that only America can provide.


For more on how you can support congressional action, visit

Cards for Kids

Show your support for the children and people of Israel by making a card.  show you care through words and pictures of hope, support, and love.  This effort is being organized by 11 year old, Benjamin.  Completed cards can be dropped off at the box located outside the CSR office.


Letters to Lone Soldiers

Send a personal message of gratitude to an IDF Lone Soldier currently serving in the IDF.  A “lone soldier” is a soldier in the IDF with no family in Israel to provide them with support.  

Urge Congress to Support Israel's Right to Self-Defense


Please join this important campaign, and make sure our collective voices are heard loud and clear.  Anti-Israel extremists in the U.S. are pressuring Members of Congress to prevent Israel from defending itself, after Hamas terrorists brutally massacred over 1,400 Israelis and took hundreds of hostages into Gaza.


EMAIL, TWEET, and CALL your representatives, urging them to stand with the people of Israel in their fight against Hamas.



Sign a Petition on Behalf of Israeli Hostages

This is a very quick way to sign petitions on behalf of Israeli hostages - to US, EU, and Qatari governments, and the UN. It's sponsored by the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, which was formed by and represents the families of the hostages. 



Speaking With Your Children

If you are looking for ways to speak with your child(ren), here are a few quality resources to help guide you in the conversation.

Information for Interfaith Families

12 tips for Talking about Israel in Interfaith Families

Israel and Jewish History Resources (curated by Rabbi Daniel Gropper)



Unpacking Israeli History


Podcasts from The Times of Israel



The Story of the Jews: Simon Schama

Jewish History Books


History of the Jews by Paul Johnson


Wanderings by Chaim Potok


Letters to Auntie Fori

History of Israel


Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn


Noa Tishby: Israel


Daniel Sokatch: Can We Talk About  Israel


My Promised Land: Ari Shavit


Impossible Takes Longer

Current Issues


Letters to my Palestinian Neighbor


Catch 67


List of Historical Novels from Google

Israeli Literature - to understand its land and its people.



In a world where change is the only constant, and news is updated continually, 24/7, staying informed is not just a choice but a responsibility.  CSR recommends the following sources which offer news in a manner consistent with the values of our pluralistic, Reform Jewish Movement and congregation.


Times of Israel

The Times of Israel is an online news source that covers a broad spectrum of Israeli news, from politics to technology and lifestyle.  It provides timely updates on the Israeli government and its politics and is widely

regarded as centrist in outlook.

The Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post is a widely respected English-language newspaper that provides comprehensive coverage of Israeli news, politics, culture, and more.  With a legacy spanning over 85 years, it offers a balanced perspective on events in Israel and the wider Middle East.

JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The JTA offers news relevant to Jewish communities worldwide, including news from Israel.  It often provides insightful coverage of the political landscape and its impact on global jewry.



Haaretz is known for its in-depth analysis and critical reporting on Israeli politics, society, and culture.  Its high-quality journalism and progressive-leaning opinions often elicit comparisons to the New York Times here in the US.  While Haaretz has a paywall for some content, it also offers a limited number of free articles each month.

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