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Who We Are

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Our Philosophy

At the Center for Jewish Learning (CJL), we want our learners to grow into adults who remain connected to the Jewish community because of – not in spite of – their Jewish education. For that reason, we are in the business of creating powerful, positive Jewish memories. Our priorities are creating joyous Jewish learning experiences, with opportunities for hands-on, active learning. Our educators meet our learners where they are, and their excitement about Judaism ignites and inspires a love of being Jewish in their learners.

Values Statement

At the CJL, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment is a priority. Our families come with different backgrounds and experience with Judaism, and we echo CSR’s commitment to welcoming Jewish and intermarried families. We value kindness, friendship, and community, and are committed to the Jewish teaching that each person is created b’tzelem Elohim – in the image of God. We believe that our responsibility is to instill in each child the understanding that being kind is an essential part of being a good Jew. 

What Sets the CJL Apart

Our approach to Jewish learning is non-traditional. We are a Center for Jewish Learning, not a school. Our learning spaces reflect how children learn today: designed to be flexible and encourage creativity and collaboration. One example is our new library space, which highlights our outstanding children’s collection, creates an open, multipurpose learning space, and includes a ceiling-mounted projector for screening wall-size videos and images.

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