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CSR & Friends

Solidarity Mission to Israel

March 3-8, 2024*

Led by Rabbi Daniel Gropper


Trip will be limited to the first 20 registrants

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On December 31, I returned from a profoundly impactful rabbinic solidarity mission and family volunteer experience in Israel with Tamara and Noa. It was intense, deeply rewarding and incredibly fulfilling. Despite the uncertainty of what we would see and encounter while there, I felt an aching need to be part of the mission – to demonstrate an unwavering sense of solidarity, to bear witness to the horrors inflicted upon the people of Israel, and to offer support in any way possible. In a matter of just a few days, we visited Kfar Azza, one of the kibbutzim bordering Gaza which was ravaged by Hamas terrorists, met with Israelis evacuated from their homes in the Negev and the north who are now residing in hotels for an undetermined amount of time, spoke with family members of hostages still being held captive in Gaza, witnessed some of the inspiring ways that Israeli civil society has organized to try and address the profound need of fellow citizens throughout the country, assisted with the harvest of produce, and more. In the words of one colleague who also traveled on the mission, “In three days, I saw things no one should ever see. [And] I also witnessed things everyone needs to see.” And we felt incredibly safe, more so than we often feel here.

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Even before our brief trip concluded, I knew I wanted to return as soon as possible with members of our CSR community. I encourage you to join me on our CSR Solidarity Mission from March 3-8 (on the ground March 4-7) as we demonstrate our enduring support and unity with our family in Israel, do hands on activities to bring some tikkun (repair) where it is needed, bear witness to the terror wrought upon our brothers and sister in Israel and boldly and confidently add our voices to the pursuit of truth in support of our people.


I hope you can join me on an impactful, informative and important solidarity trip at this critical time in the life of Israel and the Jewish people as we…


  • Demonstrate enduring support for and unity with Israel

  • Seek to understand the current reality of life throughout the country

  • Bear witness at Kibbutz Kfar Azza and other regional sites attacked by Hamas on October 7

  • Speak with family members of individuals still being held hostage

  • Visit the Shura IDF Forensics Center

  • Engage with an evacuee community and Israelis still displaced from their homes

  • Learn about the inspiring support provided by Israeli civil society since October 7

  • Volunteer at numerous sites throughout Israel  


Register for the any one of the information sessions, view the trip details (including pricing & accommodations) and/or register for the trip itself by clicking one of the buttons at the top or bottom of this email.


Am Yisrael Chai!


Rabbi Daniel Gropper


*on the ground March 4-8

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