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Combating Antisemitism
Lessons from Jewish Copenhagen:
The Story of the Danish Jews in WWII thru today

Thursday, February 29

7:30 PM In Person at CSR

Charlotte and Ronen Thalmay are residents of Copenhagen & subject matter experts who will deliver their eye-opening presentation about Jewish Copenhagen and the story of the Danish Jews during WW2. The two speakers will cover many aspects of Jewish life in Denmark.  Following the presentation, there will be time for Q&A.

During the 1-hour presentation you will learn more about: 

• How it was possible to save 97% of the Danish Jews during WW2
• Why the writer Hans Christian Andersen went to the Jewish school 
• The breathtaking stories of how their families escaped to Sweden
• What happened to Jews who were caught and sent to Theresienstadt 
• Their personal experience surviving a terror attack in 2015 
• Jewish life today, antisemitism and about having a son in the Israeli army during wartimes 

See a short video about the presentation and testimonials

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