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Community Synagogue of Rye is a warm, open community serving the Reform Jews of Rye, Rye Brook, Mamaroneck, Harrison, Port Chester, and the surrounding areas. Led by a team of committed lay leaders and dedicated professional staff, we look forward to welcoming you to our congregation!

Information for New Members

Rabbi Gropper

B’ruchim Ha’ba’im! Welcome!

Imagine entering a synagogue where senior citizens sit in one area reading to children from the early childhood center while nearby, adults of various ages study Talmud. Across the hall, another group wrestles with sacred texts, gleaning meaning for today’s challenging world. Upstairs in the teen lounge, a group of high schoolers build leadership skills and find purpose as they plot their next social action project. In his study, the Rabbi comforts a grieving family. Next door, the Cantor helps

another family plan a baby naming.

This is not an imaginary synagogue. This is Community Synagogue of

Rye. Here the sanctuary is filled with spirit, song and healing and the congregation buzzes with the excitement and joy that Judaism has the potential to bring forth.

The founders of this synagogue had wonderful foresight. Since its inception in 1948, Community Synagogue of Rye has become a communal gathering place, a spiritual home, and a learning center for more than 400 families. We are a purpose driven congregation. Our vision reminds us always to seek to be a center for spiritual transformation; to foster the creation of sacred relationships; and to give people the tools and resources to be God's partner in healing the world.

Ours is a magnificent community, one that seeks to grow and deepen people’s connections to Judaism while making it compelling, relevant, accessible, challenging, joyful, comforting and inclusive and to inspire a life that is pure and sacred.

Life is a journey filled with possibility, surprise, and enchantment. This journey can be enriched through that great gift we call Judaism. Join us. Together we will build and share in the bright future that lies ahead.



Rabbi Daniel Gropper

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